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Winter/early Spring Hooch profile from RTA


The Chattahoochee River below Buford Dam is a classic Southern tailwater. Water is released from the penstocks at depths down to 130ft below the surface of Lake Lanier where cold water is sourced year-round. Many people travel through Atlanta's international airport never imagining there could be a world class trout fishery just miles  away! The ...

The Guides Angle


Winter Bait Kill! Saturated ground soils and excessive autumn rainfall in north Ga has caused Lake Lanier to rise over 5feet in less than two weeks this December 2015 and January 2015. As a reaction to prepare for more winter rains the Army Corps of Engineers has basically had to release from Buford Dam 24/7 ranging ...

Champion of the River!


It was a wet, cold miserable November morning when Guide John McCloskey of Ackworth  Ga released a 34&7/8"length and 22" girth monster brown trout back into the Chattahoochee River below Buford Dam. He did not have a scale to weigh the fish just a measuring tape and camera. John makes his living guiding clients for ...