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fly fishing classes

The Chattahoochee is truly a year ’round fishery.

Springtime on the Hooch brings a multitude of insect hatches including caddis flies, mayflies, and stoneflies. Surface action can be witnessed on a regular basis from early March through July. Matching the hatch during these months is crucial to success.

Since the water released from Buford Dam remains approximately 48 degrees throughout the summer months, we can honestly say the Chattahoochee is the best place to spend the dog days of summer. Fishing remains quite good through August, but can be very challenging at times. Whether the situation calls for size 24 midges or large streamers, your guide will be prepared to make the right call with the most effective patterns and techniques.

Fall is an excellent time to be on the river for both fantastic scenery and exceptional angling. The cooling of the weather this season brings more hatches and increased fish activity. Brown trout will be in their spectacular spawning colors and are more aggressive during this time.

Winter months can be very productive due to a mild climate and consistent water temperatures. The Chattahoochee has no closed season making it a bona fide remedy for cabin fever.

The addition of a 5 mile stretch of water managed as delayed harvest from November 1 through May 14 adds another exciting twist to fishing even more of the river during the Fall through Spring months. Springtime brings out early caddis & mayfly hatches on this section of the river. Fishing can be productive either from a drift boat or by wading.