Drift Boat Trips

Skill Level Range = 0 – 5

Drift boat float trips are a wonderful way to truly experience the subtleties of the Chattahoochee tailwater fishery. Out of 48 river miles of public trout water there are only six boat ramps available to the public. There are many productive shoals and gravel bars adjacent to private lands that can only be accessed via watercraft.

American-made McKenzie style drift boats are used that have been designed to navigate the whitewater streams of the Rocky Mountain West. These drift boats are wide at the beam to help with water displacement and stability. Clients can sit comfortably in back padded seats or safely stand in braces while casting to productive trout lies. Viewing water from an elevated position in a boat makes reading water a cinch! Your guide will be skilled in the fine art of paddling and will utilize the oars and the anchor system to keep you on the fish.

Gear? Bring all your gear and let the trout sort it out. You can even bring two, or three, rods. We have ample storage room and many clients bring multiple rods rigged with a variety of flies. If the fish are active on top, fish your favorite dry fly rod or pick up your nymph rod to match the subsurface hatch!

Like to take in the scenery? We usually drift a substantial length of the river, anywhere from five to ten miles of water in the course of a day. Take along a pair of binoculars to view wildlife or historical sites.

It’s not just about catching fish. We pride ourselves in making the float trip into a “team effort” where anglers and the guide share in the pleasure of the adventure.

Come and rejuvenate your soul with us right here on the Chattahoochee!